A series of portraits shot while traveling last year, in which the environment (background) is often as important as the subject. Thanks to all the wonderful humans who accepted to share a few minutes (seconds sometimes!) of their lives for a picture.
Matt - San Francisco
Unknown - Trinidad.
Unknown - Madera
Cédric - Montréal
Michael - San Francisco
Unknown - San Luis Obispo
Daniel - Les Escoumins
Maeva - San Francisco
Unknown butt - Los Angeles
Unknown - Vinales
Azariel - Trinidad
Unknown - Trinidad
Lyne - Baie-St-Paul
Christian - Marseille
Sylvain - Tadoussac
Claudia - La Habana
Tefah - Marseille
Jehovah's Witnesses - La Habana
Unknown - Los Angeles
Madeleine - Charlevoix
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